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This article mainly talks about Liverpool's team culture under the influence of Klopp.


This year, Liverpool finally won the Premier League title that has been waiting for many years. At the celebration banquet, captain Henderson and vice team Milner discussed the future of the team with team staff. Liverpool training


"It is easy for people to relax after a great success. But Liverpool’s captains do not allow their teammates to lie on the book of honor. They hope that their teammates will continue to work hard. From the night of the championship to various pre-season warm-up matches, the team passed on The message is very clear, we must maintain the same mentality as last season"


It's hard to win the title, but even harder to defend it. After Manchester United in the 2008-2009 season, only Manchester City have done this, when the Blue Moon overpowered the Reds to win the championship.


Henderson is a big fan of the Netflix documentary series "The Last Dance", which tells the story of the Chicago Bulls dominating the NBA in the 1990s and winning 6 championships in 8 seasons. As someone who has won the Champions League, the European Super Cup, the Club World Cup and the Premier League trophy in succession over the past year, Henderson will not indulge in past achievements. He said: "You must focus on the future and keep improving. Don’t set limits on yourself. I think there are still many challenges in the future”


Milner added: "I know what we have achieved in the past two seasons is incredible, but we can't stand still. We are the "nails" of many teams and they want to pull us off at any time."


Klopp will obviously not change the way Liverpool play. Whether in public or in private communication with players, Klopp said that the Red Army will not "defend" the championship, but will win the championship again through offense.


Last season, Liverpool scored 99 league points. Klopp doesn't think his opponent will have extra motivation to compete against Liverpool. "But last season, every team tried their best to beat us. We have to continue our desire for the championship, and we have to prove how important the championship is to us," Klopp said.


Of course, the support of fans is also very important. The empty game made it difficult for the Reds to play their iconic intensity.


Ian Rush is a Liverpool meritorious player. He once represented Liverpool to win the top league championship three times in a row. Rush said: "It is not difficult to win the championship. The most difficult thing is to hold it. In the past few seasons, everyone was thinking about how to beat Manchester City. Now it is Liverpool. This season, every team wants to beat us. As a player, I I like this feeling, it means we are doing well."

伊恩·拉什(Ian Rush)是利物浦的功勋球员。他曾经代表利物浦连续三次赢得顶级联赛冠军。拉什说:“赢得冠军并不难。最困难的是欧洲杯直播app要保持冠军。在过去的几个赛季中,每个人都在考虑如何击败曼欧洲杯直播平台城。现在是利物浦。这个赛季,每个球队都想击败我们。作为一名球员,我喜欢这种感觉,这意味着我们表现不错。”



Rush is the last group of Liverpool players to defend the league champions, and his achievements are also the goal pursued by the Red Army soldiers. Coach Klopp once also faced the challenge of defending the league title, and in the end he did it, when he led Dortmund to win consecutive Bundesliga titles in 2011 and 2012.


Rush believes that the culture created by Klopp in Liverpool today is similar to the glorious Red Army at the time. He said: "When we win the championship, our assistant Ronnie Moran will say to us: If you think you are only worth taking A medal, then hold it. But remember, we will start the warm-up match in 6 weeks. At that time, no one dared to float, and the coaching staff were not allowed to have this mentality. We are the winners, but we Must be humble"

拉什(Rush)认为,克洛普(Klopp)今天在利物浦创造的文化类似于当时光荣的红军。他说:“当我们赢得冠军时,我们的助手罗尼·莫兰(Ronnie Moran)将对我们说:如果您认为您只值得获得A奖牌,那就拿起它。但是请记住,我们将在6周内开始热身赛。那个时候,没人敢浮动,教练组也没有这种心态。我们是赢家,但我们必须谦虚。”

Rush continued: "I see the same thing in Klopp, his coaching staff and players. They are strong and united. I don't think they lost their goals."




During the epidemic, Liverpool's economic losses are still unknown. However, according to The Athletic's estimates, the total loss should exceed 100 million pounds.

在流行期间,利物浦的经济损失仍然未知。但是,根据The Athletic的估计,总损失应超过1亿磅。

"It's not just ticket income. More than 50,000 people come to Anfield every week, and now all income related to it, such as accommodation and reception, is gone."


But if compared with Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham, Manchester United and Everton, Liverpool seems too conservative in the transfer. A Liverpool insider said: "Some teams are betting on the future. They are betting on when the team's income will recover. Some teams need to invest in people to stay competitive, some teams don't."


Klopp told BBC Sports: "Different clubs are different. Now the world is full of uncertainty. For some clubs owned by large Middle Eastern consortia or oligarchs, the uncertainty of the future does not seem to matter. This is reality.

克洛普告诉《 BBC体育》:“不同的俱乐部有所不同。现在世界充满不确定性。对于某些中东大型财团或寡头拥有的俱乐部而言,未来的不确定性似乎无关紧要。这是现实。

"We are different from those clubs. We won the Champions League before, and we became the Premier League champions last season. We achieved this result because we insisted on our style. We cannot change our style overnight and say : Now we will buy people like Chelsea. This is unrealistic."


"Each club has its own style. We have to remain calm and make the right choices. This means we will not buy people or just reinforce one or two positions."


The transfer market will be closed on October 5th. Liverpool has already won Thiago and Jota. The team’s wing and midfield positions have been added, but the team has another task to sign a central defender to make up for it. The vacancy of the team.


Liverpool celebrities Souness and Carragher have warned Liverpool that it is dangerous for the team not to reinforce the dominant position. After bringing Arison from Rome in July 2018, Liverpool did not have any major signings. If a team that has scored 97 and 99 league points in the past two seasons, can it reach its previous height again if it does not strengthen?


Liverpool's goal record holder Rush believes that the team can do it. He said: "It is actually very difficult to strengthen Liverpool's current lineup. There is no need to buy for the sake of buying people. Especially at this time."


"You can buy three or four people, but it also takes a year or two to run in. You can't underestimate the value of stability. And our youth academy also has many excellent players."


"I actually don't worry about buying people. I'm very optimistic about this season. Other teams must buy people this summer because they are behind too much. But buying people doesn't mean they are strong. It takes time. "


Klopp and Mike Gordon, the owner of Fenway Sports Group, are very close, and he has been paying attention to the club's financial situation during the epidemic. When he first arrived at Anfield, Klopp said: "I prefer to give opportunities to young players than buying people in the transfer market."

克洛普(Klopp)和芬威体育集团(Fenway Sports Group)的老板迈克·戈登(Mike Gordon)距离很近,在流行期间他一直关注俱乐部的财务状况。克洛普刚到安菲尔德时说:“我更愿意给年轻球员以机会,而不是在转会市场上买人。”

He said: "Of course we want to improve the team's strength, but there is more than one way. One is to sign new players, and the other is to work hard together to improve what is good and discard what is not good. We have worked together very much. For a long time, this is an advantage for us. I know some people don’t like to hear this, but this is the key to our success."


And at present, no key players have left Liverpool, and even a reliable scandal has not spread. Most of the club’s earnings this year have been spent on player treatment, which is very wise.


After the Champions League final, Klopp pointed out that he would not show off the trophy at Anfield at the beginning of the new season. He said that the trophy is past. Klopp also repeatedly emphasized that "the next game is not the most important, but the only thing we need to do."


The arrival of Klopp changed the once nervous and anxious Anfield. He made the players forget the past and would not let them look to the future. Former Dortmund midfielder Sven Bender recalled: "He taught us to focus on the present, just thinking about one game after another."

克洛普的到来改变了曾经紧张和焦虑的安菲尔德。他让球员们忘记了过去,也不会让他们展望未来。前多特蒙德中场球员斯文·本德(Sven Bender)回忆说:“他教我们专注于现在,只是想着一场又一场。”

This is Klopp's style. Countless friends and players have pointed out that Klopp is dismissive of past tragic losses, even though he has had many such experiences in his career. Of course, he doesn't care about the games he won in the past. According to Klopp assistant Kravitz, the players' desire for victory exceeds the satisfaction brought by the fear of failure and the indulging in glory.


Of course, this mentality is not unique to Klopp. In fact, this is the mainstream mentality in German football after World War II: focus on the present and forget the past. The coach Helberg, who led the German national team to the 1954 World Cup, said that "after a game, it is before the next game." There are political reasons for the emergence of this mentality-in Germany in 1945, looking back at the past was not attractive. And the football world has also found that although looking back can bring comfort, it is very dangerous. Just like the dreams in "Inception", you will lose the track of your real life.


The best players and coaches in Germany are forward looking. They have the desire to win and the strong willpower that Klopp has mentioned many times.